Rare And Unreleased (Volume 1)

by Bella Morte

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released February 14, 2012


all rights reserved



Bella Morte Charlottesville, Virginia

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Track Name: Fall No More
Find the end, let us start again
Feelings lost now surge as oceans
So grey she rises to the world
And her name shattered years ago
Scattered with the northern snow
Fragments hidden well within our minds

Till the rains fall no more
Till the nights no longer find us here alone
Till the rains fall no more
Till the night no longer finds us here alone

In death's eyes sorrow lingered once
Seeing her life torn apart
The shackles fell to see her free to walk the earth
In her eyes life is present still
Through the day I watch her sleeping
I hold her close forever more
Track Name: Through The Window
And in her voice lies faith
Crawling through the midnight places
Searching for such time
Days shall come into her eyes
Where the myth lives
Sweet to hear her cry

Fall, see our hopes and fears collide
Fall into the withered sky
See her hollow as the night
Through the window

Within my arms she sways
Restless with a look of distance
Writ upon her face
Vast this space within our hearts
Peering inward to see her slip away

As I watch for her now in fright
Reaching far into dark domains
We are fallen
As the dreamer cries
From abandoned skies
Waves conceal our lives
Fearless, hopeless

To see into the light of pallid worlds
Fall until our lives come together
Fall into her arms tonight
We all fall into her arms tonight
We are falling to her arms

In her arms we find our shelter
In her eyes we find the words goodbye
Track Name: Neverland 2.0
Don't lie awake restless, cold
Drown yourself
Into the deep Neverland
Drown yourself
Just close your eyes, silently
See the gleam of sand and solace

Fall before the fey goodnight
One last look into the eyes
Tarry for you'll never die
For now and ever with us

Nocturna's call throughout time
And before
Through ancient seas and dark lands
Long before
Engulfing dreams, enthralling
The collapsing skies engraved
Track Name: Relics (Alternate Version)
As our faith bleeds into day
This feeble dream is born
As dark as winter's voice
As silent as the rain
A place is found within
Where hearts are formed in glass
And fragile songs are heard
As mist from ancient times

Everyone will fall again
Everything shall die again

And within a violet rose
Matures to fall in Ash
Our fears confirmed do sleep
To trouble us no more
And in the dimming light
Her eyes still grace my thoughts
As haunting as the sea
As soft as winter's touch
Track Name: The Coffin Don't Want Me And She Don't Either (Alternate Recording)
I woke up dead to find that everything had changed
The world's a bitter place, so grey and cold Has it always been this way?
So now I hunger, seems I'm in the mood for brains
But blood and guts will do for a day or two As I make my way to you

In a daze I stumble from the coffin wood
Toward the city's hazy eyes that shine so bright
Such blinded fools they wander void of fear in life
Tonight they find in me the darker side of night

I hear your heart but find that you are not alone
I stumble through the door and down the hall To where you slept before
My dead eyes find you with another and I see I've been replaced by someone else's arms
Though I've been dead but three weeks

Dead eyes stare as hunger builds
Destroy, destroy!
They'll find a sanguine house of death when morning calls
The slaughter ends as on the other I will feast this night
Oh, yeah… The second life begins
Join me tonight...
Track Name: Party Time
Very young, getting kicks
Cruisin' around 56
Drinking beer, driving fast
This party is their last
They'll dance on the graves
The lost souls, Satan's slaves
They don't know the acid rain
Is coming down to make them insane

Do you wanna party, it's party time
We got to party, it's party time

They never had the chance

Shifting gears, wasting gas
This party is their last
Paid their wage of sin today
That's life but the dead say

Do you wanna party, it's party time
We got to party, it's party time
Track Name: Nevere ("Remorse" cassette version)
Hear Autumn's voice descend like rain through the night
Hands pull a book of memories from a dusty chest
Within the yellowed pages lies all I have ever wished for
I seek a name and one is found inscribed by long dead hands

I found your heart within these words
Each crystal tear reflects my Nevere

No body moves beside my own though I feel you near
And from the halls I can hear your footsteps falling softly
Do your eyes see the ice that hangs below my window sill?
I smell your hair like the softest breeze from somber skies

Dark is the path over which limbs extend to grasp a lost love
Between them time intends to stand until the day does come
Through the midnight's hour I hear a piano play a soft and sorrowful song
The past has passed, the death has died and I am left with nothing
Track Name: Remorse ("Remorse" cassette version)
He stands in the chill of night
With snow swirling down
Memories lurking in his eyes
Blood is on his hands
She still lives inside of him
She still holds in eyes in thrall
She still softly sings to him
And she still owns his soul

And he will live forever more
The walls of his world crashing down
Alone in the dark
The walls of his world crashing down
Shadows in his mind
The walls of his world crashing down
Sanity has gone

Tears of blood rolled down his cheeks
As she cried his name
Trapped, he stood and watched her fall
Screaming in the rain
He still hears her crying there
Sees her pictures on the wall
He still sees her lying there
And he still hears her call
Track Name: Angels And Faith ("Remorse" cassette version)
Looking down at my life
I find the cold stare of spite
Within a copse the Angel sighs
I long to feel her at my side
Hope is dread, it waits for me
And through its cloak I cannot see
In her arms I wish to rest
But she's slave to cold, sweet death

And she knows what's in my heart
And she sees the falling snow
On this darkest night of life
And she sees the fires burn
Underneath the falling snow
On this darkest night of life

I trace her steps and yet I find
A search in vain to end this life
I smell the rose within her hand
Existing in the hour's sand
Hope is dread, it waits for me
From its grasp I long to be
She shuts her eyes, the darkness falls
And life is lost to midnight's call
Track Name: One Winter's Night ("Remorse" cassette version)
I think with teary eyes
Of you my love on this dark night
I recall my time with you
In lonely rooms of saddest blue
Love and loss entwine
To never fall into the light
And my feelings true
Shall never rest until I die with you
On a cold winter's night

And hand in hand one life
Moves against the tides of time and fate
And hand in hand one life
Turns its back on those who cannot see
And from this dying world
An echo carried softly on the breeze
Sounds of the reaper's grace
A silent tear falls to a grim defeat

I watch the candle's light
Dance in time across your face
Your soft pale skin on mine
Lost in your gaze I slip away
Embrace the dusk my love
For it may be our last
But let not this moment fade and our memory
Shall never know the grave
On a cold winter's night

Shameless to the eyes that peer in
Behind the curtains our silhouettes are grey
And the cattails sway in gentle mist
Beside the mirror's gleam
From a soul that shines like stars
In the heavens from afar
Every word rings true
I'll never rest until I die with you
On a cold winter's night

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